Welcome to Foodgamut - a new spectrum of food. Why should colors only have spectrum? I believe food also represents a wide range of spectrum. Spectrum of aroma, spectrum of color, spectrum of tastes and spectrum of presentation (Hey!! Why not).

To rejoice this spectrum I - Riddhi Vasavada welcome you all food lovers to my blog.

Why I have started this blog?

Passion is something that when you realize, you put that across in your spinning mind. I think about sharing whatever knowledge that I have for food and wish to gather and connect with all my readers / friends out there from whom I can also be better day by day getting knowledge from them. Food is a big experimental lab which can lead to endless inventions.

To innovate, to share, to connect, to learn and to add and invent more colors to our food spectrum - welcome again to Foodgamut.

Photos uploaded and used in Foodgamut were shot by Riddhi Vasavada.
Bon App├ętit :)

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