Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baked Macaroni With Pineapple

Serving - 2

Boiled Macaroni - 100 gm
Butter - 1 Tablespoon
Maida - 1 Tablespoon
Milk - 1 cup
Salt To Taste
Black Pepper Powder  - 1/ 2 Teaspoon
Sugar - 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Processed Cheese - 2 Tablespoons + 1/2 cup
Canned Pineapple - 3 Tablespoons

Method :

Take one pan heat butter and maida. Saute for 2 to 3 minutes. Taking care that  it does not change colour.

Add milk, stirring continuously so that there are not lumps formed. Add Grated Cheese  and keep stirring. Adjust consistency as per your taste . It should semi liquid form.

Add salt and pepper powder, sugar, macaroni and mix well.

Take this mixture in  oven proof bowl .Arrange canned pineapple. Add some more grated cheese.

Grill it for 8 to 10  minutes.

Serve hot ..


  1. I like your recepie but can I bake it or not

    1. thank you so much . you can bake .. but according to me no need to bake .. coz white sauce already cooked. u just melt cheese over white sauce. you can just grill and serve.. it also save you time . if u want to bake, u have to preheat oven. it become time consuming. so better is do grill only .

  2. I dont have an oven but i really love this recipe
    can i just bake the macaroni by covering the lid of the pan so that the chesse melts ?
    I have made pizzas and garlic breads by the same method.

    1. of course you can cook by the same method. Thank you so much. looking forward for your feedback. i have never tried this method. so please give me feedback.

  3. It is really a nice recipe which I wanted.So easy and cool.

  4. Thank you Riddhi for so accurate recipe.i prepared it yesterday evening and It turned out so delicious. My husband loved it. I wish i could attach the photos.

    1. Thank you so much for your love and support. Glad to hear such kind word from you. Thanks a lot for appreciating my recipe. Keep following. You can share your recipe pic here... and Tag me. https://plus.google.com/106440523788001848349/posts

  5. Can't we add fresh pineapple instead of canned one?

    1. You can add, but sometimes dish become bitter with the use of fresh pineapple. Thank you so much:)

  6. I have tried this macroni and its taste yummy!!Hope your reciepe flourish in the world and you get millions of comments .Thankyou Riddhi Vasavada for this yummy recipes.